The MCWH Library

Multicultural women's health at your fingertips

The Multicultural Centre for Women's Health Library is a unique and comprehensive collection which specialises in the health and wellbeing issues of immigrant and refugee women. The collection includes videos, audio tapes, books, reports and journals.

The Library Collection has been established for the use of anyone with an interest in immigrant and refugee women's health including health professionals, researchers, students, community workers, and members of the public.

MCWH members can borrow from the Library and membership is free.
There are other benefits of becoming an MCWH member which you can find out about here.
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Library hours and location

The Library Collection is located in Collingwood at our MCWH offices.
For a map and location details see our contact page.

General browsing and library hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm (except public holidays)
For specific assistance, the Multilingual Library Coordinator is available by appointment.

MCWH Library Policy

The Multicultural Centre for Women's Health Multilingual Library Collection is unique and difficult to replace. We ask that you respect the Collection and Library Policy; this way we are able to ensure equal and easy access to all Multicultural Centre for Women's Health members around Australia.
For information on borrowing, becoming a libvrary member, the types of resources housed by the collection and library policy and procedure, please refer to the Library Policy and Memebership form below.