Female international student health and wellbeing

Through our work with female international students, we know that female international students can face particular barriers to their health and wellbeing while in Australia, including barriers to their sexual and reproductive rights. Through a student placement program with Occupational Therapy students at Monash University we have developed a new resource to help newly arrived international students adjust to life in Victoria. The work on this project was featured in an article for Meld Magazine.

ReMINDer Resource Kit for International Students

You can also watch two videos below, produced by the Mind Your Mind project, which has great information and a welcome message to future international students!

Want to know more?

We’ve talked about some specific health issues for female international students that you can read here.

You can also read about the findings of our Female International Student Program in more detail in the On Your Own Report.

You can also contact us if you have a specific question or think there is more that you can do for international student health. Scroll down to find out about our female international student advocacy group and how you can help.

Mind Your Mind - Culture Video

Mind Your mind- Culture video

Message to Future International Students

Message to Future International Students