Position Paper on International Student Access to Pregnancy-Related Care

Through the On Your Own research project we undertook in 2011 with international students in Melbourne, we found that the minimum requirements of the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Deed pose significant obstacles to female international students who fall pregnant unintentionally. Through further consultation with services and students across Australia, we have found that this is an issue that affects international students nation-wide and has already led to detrimental health outcomes for some women. Our new position paper outlines the reasons why the OSHC deed needs to be changed, and points to wider issues for international student health. We believe that the issue creates further ambiguity about the rights of international students to access health services and could potentially contribute to misunderstandings in health service delivery settings.

Our position has been endorsed by over 20 organisations and we encourage you to read it, talk about it and pass it on.

You can read and download the paper here.

Release of the MCWH Position Paper on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

February 6 is the International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM/C, and an important opportunity for us all to affirm our commitment to improving the rights, safety and health of women and girls around the globe.

To mark the day, we are releasing our Position Paper on FGM/C, which was produced with the help of many wonderful women already working to ensure that the practice is not continued in Australia and that migrant and refugee women who have experienced FGM/C have access to services and support which meet their needs.

We’d like to thank again the women who have contributed to this document and the organisations who have endorsed our position. We hope that it provides a solid foundation for the abandonment of FGM/C in one generation in an Australian context.