Healthy Lives Healthy Futures Project

Reducing risky drinking among young people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds

Healthy Lives Healthy Futures was a 2 year project designed to increase awareness about the health risks of drinking alcohol among young people and their families from immigrant and refugee backgrounds.

The project was run as a partnership between the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre and six leading ethno-specific and multicultural community organisations:

  • Arabic Welfare
  • Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS)
  • Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)
  • New Hope Foundation
  • Southern Ethnic Advisory and Advocacy Council

You can read all about the success of the project in the report or read on for more information about project activities and resources.


Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures

Animation developed by MCWH and Turning Point

Synopsis: This animation is an alcohol education resource for young people in the Australian context. It discusses Australia’s drinking culture, the legal drinking age, short and long term effects of alcohol, secondary supply of alcohol, standard drinking guidelines, binge drinking and alternative activities to drinking.

Audience: Young people

Film usage: This film can be viewed in formal and informal settings, such as in a classroom, or in a youth community group session.

Length: 4 min 54 sec


No Worries, Have a Drink?

A short film by Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS), Catherine Simmonds and Wilari Tedjosiswoyo

Synopsis: International students living in Victoria discuss some of their experiences and challenges moving to Australia, the perceptions they have of Australia’s drinking culture and the ways in which they have negotiated between different cultures.

Audience: International students, young people from broader immigrant and refugee communities, alcohol and drug workers, mental health workers, international student support workers, youth workers.

Film usage: :** This film can be viewed in formal and informal settings, such as in a classroom, in a youth community group session, or in a training session.

Length: 8 min 54 sec