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Health Education Programs

Putting Immigrant and Refugee Women's Health First

Our Health Education Programs have been delivering important health information to women from immigrant and refugee backgrounds since 1978. What makes these programs uniquely successful is:

  • we provide health information in the preferred language of the women we meet;
  • in locations and at times that are most convenient for them; and
  • in ways which respect their experiences and histories and understand their cultural context.

All health education is delivered by our highly trained Bilingual Health Educators, who provide high quality multilingual health education and information in a multicultural context.

Our health promotion programs are run by immigrant and refugee women for immigrant and refugee women. This woman-to-woman approach is our peer education model, and is based on the belief that sharing health information and experiences is the best way to increasing women's health knowledge and wellbeing.

Health Education Programs and services available

Industry Visit Programs (IVPs) Our Industry Visit Programs have been running since 1978, and are based on a peer-education model that respects immigrant and refugee women's experiences and knowledge. Programs are conducted by our trained Bilingual Health Educators, who can talk about health in the preferred languages of the women they meet with a shared understanding of their culture and the challenges of being an immigrant in Australia.

Our health promotion also recognises addressing specific issues that affect immigrant and refugee women, includes not only our own efforts, but working with other programs that are dedicated to special issues. That's why we work with the Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP), the state wide program that addresses the needs of communities traditionally affected by practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM). FARREP also addresses other sexual and reproductive health issues of targeted communities.

MCWH Health Education Programs and Quality Standards Booklets
Please download the following PDFs for an outline of our Health Education Programs and Quality Standards. These booklets include information on:

  • MCWH Model of Health Promotion
  • MCWH Health Promotion Areas of Excellence and Expertise
  • MCWH Health Education Modules
  • Current List of Languages Available