AAMES Camp 2015

Health Education Program participants

“It was very empowering to learn about breast cancer, and who is at risk of breast cancer. My best friend’s 17 year old daughter was rec ently diagnosed with breast cancer. All of us are still in shock because she is so young. So today, I really liked finding out exactly what breast cancer is, how to prevent it, and different options for treatments.”

“Elizabeth, (BHE Educator), when you came the first time I was questioning the purpose of you being here during our lunch break. Then, as the weeks went by, you kept bringing us fantastic information and resources and all these visual pictures that helped me learn a lot. During this program, we talked about diabetes and I learned what was happening inside my body and pancreas and why!

My son was recently diagnosed with diabetes Type 1- we are still in shock but talking with you about it helped me to better understand the condition. My husband and I can now make a plan, with questions for our next appointment with the specialist.”

“My father had a triple bypass two weeks ago. I was very scared and concerned for his health. It is hard to see my mother not coping well with the situation. It wasn’t until your sessions about healthy heart that I can understand his condition. I will never forget you Elizabeth and the way you explained to me everything from high blood pressure, to high cholesterol and how the arteries get blocked.

You provided not only this information, but also information about the services I can use to help my father. With the information I gained from your program I can also help my uncle who had a heart attack last month.

Thank you so very much, I will appreciate what I have learned always.”

“In a broader sense this was a great opportunity for all the Karen women to bond and understand women’s health issues together and the session will be a good point of reference for future conversations amongst the women. I felt it was also very empowering and the women got the reassurance from another migrant woman that it is okay to ask for a female doctor for pap smears, it is also okay to ask to reschedule an appointment should an interpreter not be available etc.”

(Simone Jamieson, Gippsland Multicultural Services)

“The content was good and the context was excellent. The visuals were very good and all the women were engaged for the nearly three hours the workshop went for. Thank you to MCWH, and to you Amira and to the wonderful Elizabeth.”

“Today I learned about contraception. I had no idea how many different ways you can prevent unwanted pregnancy. GPs never give you these choices for contraception- they are very quick to prescribe the pill and never explain the side effects.”

“I like [the sessions] because they are informal, with good information, pictures, diagrams and models. Sharing this info in our lunchtime gave us the opportunity to discuss issues we have never discussed before.”


“What a wonderful success! Your staff were reliable, engaging and friendly. I especially appreciate the visual and other support materials they bring to the sessions. Even those students who would normally struggle with information presented in English have a better chance of understanding the information.

The bi-lingual sessions are very well received and feedback is all positive and enthusiastic.

Thank you so much for this great service.” (Santina Rizzo – AMES Werribee)

“The sessions were very successful because the women were able to participate freely, ask questions and were willing to learn. There was much interest to understand the different methods of family planning; some of the women even asked for the family planning kit to be brought on the last session for further learning.

Some of the women have already asked me to organise an appointment to meet their doctor, to discuss the family planning method that would be suitable for them. The facilitator was also wonderful as she could talk in the local language and could also relate some of the cases to the Sudanese context. This gave the women a better understanding of the issues.”

(Poni Peter, New Hope Foundation – Werribee)

“I wanted to express my sincere thank you to your organisation and the health educators who delivered the session on nutrition and diabetes to our CALD clients – Arabic, Afghan, Turkish and Tamil clients within the SMRC Planned Activity Program. They are excellent presenters! Very informative and style of presentation interactive and interesting, the clients really enjoyed the talk.

The health educators are professional and well prepared with the relevant handouts. They are all amazing and did an excellent job and Elizabeth Mazeyko was outstanding and inspiring.”

(Vivian Yong, S/E MRC Dandenong)

“I just wanted to thank you again for last Thursday’s wonderful workshop. It was tremendously helpful to us in developing a PCOS resource and in getting this information out. What a dynamic group of women you have there and their high level of health knowledge and earnest desire to help their communities is a great credit to you and the organisation. We are currently undergoing a strategic review and MCWH is very much part of that.

(Rhonda Garad, - Jean Hailles for Women”

“Educational seminars on health issues/topics such as what you are providing are desperately needed by our members since most of the 70+ of our Group’s members are aged over 65, and they have been encountering a multitude of health issues, which due to their language deficiencies, they could not discuss properly or in details with their family doctors or health services providers. Now they do have a chance to understand their health problems/issues, the preventative measures they are to take, and where to they could get help/treatment: all thanks to you and your organisation. What else can they ask for?”

Danh Tran (Vietnamese Senior Citizens Group of Hume)

“Education and awareness [of domestic violence] is vital and I think if there was a presence by your organisation in our staff cafe area it may assist if another situation occurs as there will be more awareness within the Hotel and friends of employees would take note of a fabulous and important organisation such as yours.”

“A belated thank you for hosting us on the last day of the WCPH. The afternoon was great. Hearing about your work and the passion that you all have was inspiring. I could have stayed for another hour.”

(Jane Howard, Alcohol and Drug Foundation)

Training & Research

“It’s been such a wonderful journey for me of being part of PACE program. Not only I have learnt a lot from this course, but also I have met and had the time to know other participants. Just want to let you know that I’m very grateful for the effort and time you have put into this course to make it has happened! Also, the gift bag is a nice surprise. I really like that little book with all the wise words in it! I’ll share this book with my daughter (she adores this book very much too).

Many thanks again.”

In relation to our ASPIRE research project: ““This is a great piece of work and will form a critical input to strengthening policy and practice responses to immigrant and refugee women in the context of family violence. Well done to the full team and all the women who shared their experiences.”